Vidya 1  – Covers One kid’s education for a complete year.

Rs.13,000 – This donation will be used for funding : School Fee, Academics, Stationery, Bag, Cloths,  Shoes and Slippers.

One year education for a kids

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Donation Total: ₹13,000.00

Vidya 2 – Teacher for Evening Tuition

Rs.1,20,000 :  Evening Tuitions & Study follow up. This package will include the entire academic year tuition’s fee for the teacher who would be responsible for the children’s evening time education.

Sponsor Teacher for one year

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Donation Total: ₹1,20,000.00

Vidya 3  – One Child Stationery for the year 

Rs.5,000 = Pen, Pencils, Crayon’s, Paints, Books, Bags etc will be purchased with this donation for a year.

One year stationery for a kid

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Donation Total: ₹5,000.00

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